Shipping in November, this pattern booklet contains the following...


    ⭐  A pattern to make your Knitmas wreath including the holly and  mistletoe decorations, plus 24 patterns for teeny tiny decorations to add during December to fill your wreath with festive cheer!


Just add the yarn of your choice, I used a lovely 4-ply cotton but you can use whatever you have in your stash, dk or 4-ply, both will work.  All the decorations use a teeny tiny amount of yarn and can easily be knitted in an evening.  


Make your wreath in November ready to hang up and add the decorations during December!


If you would like to use the yarn I made all the decorations in click HERE, there are also tins of beads to use for eyes and mini brass bells if you are using your own yarn, click HERE for more information...

Merry Knitmas Advent Wreath Booklet